Provenance Research

List of Worcester Art Museum's European Paintings with Incomplete Provenance For the Nazi/World War II Era

As a fundamental part of its mission, the Worcester Art Museum has always conducted research on works in its collection. Since 1997, and in keeping with the guidelines issued by the Association of Art Museum Directors (AAMD) in June 1998, it has intensified its efforts to determine the provenance (chain of ownership) for the period 1933-1945 for paintings and sculpture in its collection. Inclusion on this list indicates that more information is required to complete our knowledge of the ownership of these works during the Nazi/World War II era. It does not indicate that the works are suspect.

Although gaps in provenance (chain of ownership) are not uncommon in any period, the following list includes all European paintings (sculpture will be added at a later date) in the collection for which links in the chain of ownership for the years 1933-45 are still unclear or not yet fully documented. Each work includes its accession number which gives the year the work entered the Museum's collection. This site will be updated as new information is discovered.

Anyone with information or questions concerning any of these works is urged to contact the Curatorial Assistant by telephone 508-793-4317 or by email

For more information on Worcester's European holdings, see:

Dresser, Louisa, ed. European Paintings in the Collection of the Worcester Art Museum. 2 vols. Worcester Art Museum in cooperation with the University of Massachusetts Press, 1974. A catalogue of Worcester's European paintings through 1970.

Worcester Art Museum: Selected Works. Worcester Art Museum, 1994. A handbook of the collection.

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