Kids and Families

A family standing together, admiring a display of paintings on a gallery wall

Children are always welcome at WAM!

The Worcester Art Museum provides a safe and comfortable environment for kids and families to explore, experience, and learn about art in new and fun ways. Talk, play, and draw together. Get some tips on ways to look at art. Relax and enjoy on your own, or discover all the exciting programs and events we have planned to inspire you!

Today at WAM

Click here to see what’s happening at the Worcester Art Museum! Print it out or stop by our friendly Visitor Services Desks to learn what we have for children and their caregivers each day!

Community Days

Held two or three times each year, and with a focus on families, WAM galleries and studios are open for art-making, storytime, musical performances, demonstrations, lectures, and themed family guides. Visitors of all ages and abilities are given an opportunity to discover the treasures found throughout the galleries in a relaxed and engaging way. Check out our calendar for upcoming events!

Arms and Armor Presentations

Join us for this fun, interactive program, and learn all about different kinds of arms and armor, including those used by Roman soldiers, Medieval knights, and beyond! Free with museum admission. Read more about Arms and Armor Presentations or check out our calendar for upcoming dates and topics!

Art Carts and Family Fun

Are you curious about the museum's mosaics and how they came to WAM? What about those Greek gods and pottery? Are those busts what real Romans looked like? How did the seasons affect everyday life in early America? Touch materials, draw pictures, and discover the answers to these questions and more! Led by our knowledgeable—and fun!—docents, these lively gallery get-togethers are for all ages!

Hands-On Activities

Take a journey through WAM in search for creatures big and small! Write a story about a recent sporting event you attended! Design your own jousting helmet! Our interactive Scavenger Hunts and Family Guides will help kids and families explore our galleries in fun and engaging ways.

Touch Carts

What happens if you touch art made of wood, metal, stone, or other materials? Look for Helmutt, our child-friendly dog, to share tips about what you can and can’t touch. Yes, there are things in the art museum that you CAN touch – check out the touch objects, interactive iPads, and more throughout the galleries.

Family Nook

Museums are so fun that they can be exhausting, too! Take a break in our new Family Nook, where kids and their caregivers can read, make art, and chat together before returning to the galleries!

Free First Sundays

Families and visitors of all ages can visit the museum for FREE on the first Sunday of each month, 10am-4pm.

Youth and adult classes and scholarship program

WAM offers classes for all ages and has scholarships available for those who need financial assistance! Read more about scholarships or browse classes and
sign up online!

School Vacation Weeks

There's always something to do when school is not in session! WAM offers classes for children ages 3-17—browse workshops and
sign up online!

Enjoy free admission with a Family Membership

Families visit every day all year for free and get discounts on classes! Join today!

Accessibility for all visitors

The Worcester Art Museum is committed to making its facilities, programs, and services accessible to all audiences. Learn more about accessibility.

Tips for experiencing art together

If you want to explore the museum on your own, here are some tips to experience ART together. When you're looking at art with children, ask them:

  • What do you see? Do you like it? Why or why not?
  • How does the artwork make you feel? Describe your feelings in colors.
  • Search for shapes, colors, or animals. How many can you find?
  • Visit our 20th century galleries. Can you find art with nothing in it except colors, shapes, lines, textures? That's called abstract art. Can you draw an abstract artwork?
  • Sit near your favorite artwork and draw what you see and feel. Share your drawing with us!
  • Read books together in the Remastered Galleries. Or, bring your own favorite book, find a comfy seat, and enjoy. (We have lots of great books in the shop—have a look!)
  • Act out stories in the art, or write your own story inspired by an artwork. Share your story with us!
  • Take a picture with your favorite artwork and send it to us!
  • Take a break! Sit on a bench or visit our Higgins Education Wing. It is a great place to unwind with kid-friendly activities like drawing, playing games, or having a snack.
  • And, remember, you can always come back!

For your convenience: Breastfeeding and bottle feeding are permitted throughout the Museum. Baby changing stations are available in the 1st floor and 2nd floor restrooms.