Landscapes of Desire and Trauma: The Image of Puerto Rico by Francisco Oller

Francisco Oller y Cestero, 'Guayabas', 1903, oil on canvas Francisco Oller y Cestero, Guayabas, 1903, oil on canvas, Collection of Luis and Lorraine de Corral

Sunday, June 4

2 pm
Free; advance tickets recommended

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Explore the career of Puerto Rican artist Francisco Oller (1833–1917), one of the Caribbean’s most celebrated impressionists. Oller trained in his native San Juan and spent more than twenty years painting in France and Spain before returning to Puerto Rico. See three works by Oller now on view in Frontiers of Impressionism.

This talk will also delve into the work of Oller’s contemporaries in the Caribbean, as well as the European impressionists who traveled and painted in the region.

Speaker: Professor Edward J. Sullivan, the Helen Gould Shepard Professor in the History of Art at New York University.