Nevena Prijic



Nevena Prijic stands in front of her work, 'Voyager'

Nevena Prijic (Serbian, born 1985) has been commissioned to create a monumental painting directly on the walls of the Worcester Art Museum. Located within a twenty-foot-tall blind archway, Voyager is inspired by speculative possibilities suggested by the portal-like space.

Prijic creates enigmatic and dynamic paintings that blend abstraction and figuration. Though futuristic in overall aesthetic, Voyager has an ancient reference at its center inspired by artifacts of the Neolithic Vinca culture of present-day Serbia, the artist’s homeland. A standing figure is obscured as it metamorphosizes into a variety of animate forms: plants, animals, and machines. Prijic’s biomorphic form suggests a similarity between species and systems as well as the transformative power of evolution.

Prijic earned BFA and MFA degrees in painting from The University of Novi Sad, Academy of Fine Arts, Serbia. Her work has recently been exhibited at M+B Gallery (Los Angeles), Hesse Flatow (New York City), Bozomag (Los Angeles), and Public Gallery (London). Prijic lives and works in Los Angeles.

Artist Talk

Sunday, October 29
2–3 pm
Conference Room and McDonough Court
Tickets: $5 (Free for Members—join today!)

As Voyager nears completion, Prijic will share her experiences as an artist and the inspiration for her work. This talk begins in the Conference Room and will continue in the galleries in front of the artwork.

View of Nevena Prijic and an assistant on scaffolding, painting 'Voyager'
Nevena Prijic and an assistant working on Voyager.
Nevena Prijic at work painting 'Voyager'
Nevena Prijic at work painting Voyager.

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