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Interested in getting your friends and family together for a special celebration? Add Matisse, Rembrandt, and Monet to the guest list with WAM! We welcome a variety social events, including, anniversaries, birthdays, rehearsals, showers, and much more!

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It was a wonderful experience! The IDS advisory board said we could have the symposium at WPI, but they wanted Lobster and a Red Sox Game. Unfortunately, both the Red Sox and Woo Sox were out of town on 7/28, but at least we came through on the Lobster! It was a first time experience for many! I think they all had fun. The banquet at WAM was phenomenal! Thank you both so much. Everything was perfect!
Worcester Polytechnic Institute IDS Banquet
It was a fantastic venue. It really made the party special beyond the expectations of the guests.
SIP’s 102nd birthday party